• is the only raw coconut oil in its true natural state
  • the cold centrifuged series wet process prevents the denaturing of nutrients
  • natural vitamin E & antioxidants are preserved
  • unlike "cold pressed", "DME" and "extra virgin" coconut oils, no heat drying of the
    coconut meat is required and no pasteurization is used in the purification stage
  • has an actual shelf life of 3+ years
  • does not degrade with light exposure
a smooth and creamy texture
a mild and sweet flavor
use it for sauteing, baking, cooking,
salad dressings, smoothies, butters.
moisturizing your hair and skin
This Coconut oil is "beyond Extra Virgin" because it is extracted from fresh coconut milk through the Cold
Centrifuged Series Wet Process, yielding the most nutritious, raw coconut oil in the world.  Matyah's is never
heated at any stage of the process resulting in a very stable, raw oil that is so pure!
Our goal at Matyah's is to bring you the finest quality products available in the marketplace.  What distinguishes our coconut oil is the
process.  Try it! you will be amazed. ORDER DIRECT - CALL 202-558-7174.
100% Organic Coconuts grown in the wild
Non - GMO
Non - Hybridized
Product of Thailand

"Beyond Extra Virgin"
"A Healthy Choice"

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